Tuesday, 22 July 2014

THE PALOMAR (Second visit)

Already my second visit to The Palomar restaurant on Rupert street. This time I was seated at the back as I had a reservation. Not sure it was the best option, I think I preferred the atmosphere I had at the bar at my first visit (review HERE). 
Next time I won't try to get a nice table and I will just join the waiting list for the bar as it is better. 

This time as an apetizer and starter my friend and I shared spiced olives and pickled vegetables and Kubaneh Yemeni served with two different dips : tomato sauce (which in my opinion taste like a gazpatcho) and tahini (my favourite).
Spiced olives and pickled vegetables

Kubaneh Yemeni pot baked bread served with first harvest olive oil, tahini & freshly grated tomatoes

I heard so much about their polenta dish, I couldn't leave without trying it this time. It was the best polenta I have ever had, the texture was light and creamy. When you opened the pot it had a nice little smell of truffle and asparagus. I could have easily eaten the big pot on my own. 
Since my visit I tried to do the same recipe at home, I didn't manage to have the same texture but I was closed to it.
Polenta Jerusalem style asparagus, mushroom ragout, parmesan & truffle oil

My friend ordered the shakeshukit as he remembered all the good thing I said about it.
He wasn't disappointed, he really liked it. I have got the chance to try half of it, I think since their opening the food gets even better than the beginning.This time they have been more generous with the sauce and it was a little bit spicier which I really liked.

Shakeshukit deconstructed kebab with minced meat, yoghurt, tahini, the 4 tops & lafta bread

As a main I ordered the pork belly tagine, I fell in love with this dish. The pork belly was succulent, a tiny bit crispy on top and then very soft and moist, it was a real delight. The cous cous was a whole-wheat cous cous, it went well with the ras el hanout and dried figs.
Pork belly tagine with ras el hanout, dried figs & Israeli couscous

Both of my visits have been a real success at The Palomar. I discovered new flavours. My eyes have already spotted what will be my next order on my next visit: Labenah tortellini and Persian oxtail stew. I might try to go there for lunch next time. 


The Palomar 
34 Rupert Street
London W1D 6DN
Twitter: @Palomarsoho

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